Las Vegas shooting: Wetin we know about di gunman

Paddock former neighbour talk say e dey "weird"(strange) and dey Keep to himself. she say e be like she dey live next to nothing. Image copyright CBS NEWS
Image example Paddock former neighbour talk say im dey strange and dey keep to himself.

Stephen Paddock na im be di person wey police say shoot 59 people die and injure about 527 for Las Vegas concert.

Di 64-year old man wey come from Mesquite, Nevada na wealthy former accountant wey been dey live quietly for one community after e retire.

One of e former neighbour talk say di man na professional gambler and im behaviour dey strange.

Image copyright CBS NEWS
Image example Old picture of Paddock

Di suspect brother, Eric Paddock, tell reporters outside e house for Orlando say dia family dey surprise with wetin Paddock do.

E describe im brother as heavy gambler wey "no belong to any religious or political party and no be gun guy at all, e no even get military background."

Eric come also tell reporters say dia papa na bank robber wey been dey for di FBI most wanted list and don first escape from prison.

One US official tell Reuters news agency say reason dey to believe say Paddock get history of psychological problems.

Paddock been move from Reno, Nevada, for June 2016 go im two-storey house wey dey Mesquite.

Record show say e stay for di property for Babbling Brook Court with im girlfriend Marilou Danley wey be 62 years old.

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Image example Stephen Paddock house dey for one quiet retirement community near Las Vegas.

According to authorities for yonder, im get pilot and hunting licence and no criminal record.

Stephen Paddock lodge for di room wey dey di 32nd floor for Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel three days before e do di shooting.

FBI talk say Paddock no get any connection with any overseas terrorist group upon di claim wey so-called Islamic State dey claim.

Wetin police see wen dey enter Stephen Paddock room.

  • Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo tell reporters say sixteen weapons na im police see for di 32nd-floor hotel room wey Paddock check in last Thursday.
  • 18 firearms and thousands of bullets na im dey see for Mesquite house.
  • Dem see explosives for dat same property and inside car.
  • Sheriff Lombardo also talk say officers see "some electronic devices" for di house, wey dey for one quiet retirement community.

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