China National Day: Traffic Holiday trend for Golden Week

Two Chinese people wey dress like ancient figures to celbrate do golden week Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di Golden Week na di week long holiday wey China dey give to celebrate when dem found am

China "Golden Week" national holiday don dey happen since 1 October enter 8 October but di one wey don put am for everybodi eye for world na say plenty people on top social media dey laugh di wahala wey e dey take people make dem travel up and down for di country.

China Daily wey bi di country official newspaper, talk say around 650 million people go travel for inside di country dis week and six million go travel go abroad.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Na di large population of people wey dey travel dey cause dis kain traffic

Golden Week na one of di two holidays wey Chinese people fit take break from work inside di year. Di other holiday na di Chinese new year; dis one dey fall for January or February.

Di traffic wey dey road don turn another thing, sotay e make hashtags like #ImOnTheLongRoadDuringTheLongBreak and #OnTheRoadDuringGoldenWeek dey trend for China people dem popular social media microblog wey bi Sino Weibo.

No be only comments for social media - dis traffic don cause many bus companies to dey cancel trip wey around di country as e dey hard to move for road.

Meanwhile, as di level of travel dey increase, na so di tourism sector for Chiina dey grow sef; many of di people dey travel go different historical and popular cities for China like Beijing.

Dis China National Day wey dem dey celebrate for 1 October na to honour when dem establish di People's Republic of China. And dem dey celebrate am throughout one week.

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