Catalonia referendum: Wetin next?

police dey attack people wey go vote Image copyright EPA
Image example Spanish authorities face Catalan people for street as dem go vote for independence

Plenty Catalans enter road to protest wetin police do dem during Sunday referendum vote.

For different parts of Catalonia people dey strike; dis one mean say public transport no dey run, schools close and clinics dey only attend to emergency.

Even sef dia football teams join di strike, but no serious match dey ground now.

Catalonia government never announce di final result of di referendum vote.

Once dem announce am, dia law say dem suppose declare independence within 48 hours.

Inside dis 48 hours na when Catalonia parliament go need to vote; if dem vote yes, then their president go declare dem independent state.

Wetin Spain fit do

Right from di beginning Spanish government dem talk say di referendum dey illegal because e no dey inside di country 1978 constitution.

Spanish government fit act quick-quick to stop wetin fit happen for Catalonia.

But so far, di government never talk anything.

People wey comot on Sunday to vote no reach half of all di Catalonia people - out of seven million people, na only two million people vote.

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