Las Vegas shooting: Why dem never call dis killer 'terrorist'

Police don identify Stephen Paddock as di man behind di deadliest shooting wey don happen for modern US history. Image copyright CBS NEWS
Image example Police don identify Stephen Paddock as di man behind di deadliest shooting wey don happen for modern US history.

As plenty more information don dey come out about di gunman wey kill 58 people and injure more than 500 for Las Vegas, online debate don dey go on about why dey never still call Stephen Paddock terrorist.

Plenty tori house still dey describe am as either "lone wolf", or "granddad", or "gambler", and "former accountant", but no be terrorist.

Dey never still know yet wetin move Paddock to carry out dis wicked attack. Police never find any link between him and any terrorist organization and dey never confirm if e get mental illness.

But for social media, some people dey point finger say if Paddock na Muslim, dey for don call am "terrorist" almost immediately and dem for don think say e get link with terrorism even without evidence.

Celebrities, TV presenters and academics don dey discuss why e never be like dat for dis case.

Wetin di US dey see as terrorism?

According to Nevada State law, dem describe "act of terrorism" as "Any act wey involve di use of violence with di plan to cause great bodily harm or death to people."

For Federal level, di US define "domestic terrorism" as activities wey follow for three criteria:

  • danger to human life wey go against federal or state law
  • di one wey di plan na to intimidate or by force civilians or governments
  • wey happen especially within di US.

Wetin many people talk about am.

Many people for social media share di definition of Nevada State law and ask question why, upon say di law don explain wetin terrorism mean, di Sheriff of di Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Joseph Lombardo, still go talk in front of tori people say : "We no know wetin Paddock belief system be for dis time. Right now, we believe say na sole actor, a lone-wolf-type actor."

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But no be everybody gree on top dat one:

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Wetin dey guide BCC to use di word 'terrorist'?

For BBC, clear guidance dey to use di word terrorist, or terrorism. BBC editorial guidance talk say:

"No general agreement dey on top wetin make up terrorist or terrorist act. Di use of di word go dey base on value judgement.

"And so, we no suppose change di word 'terrorist' wen we dey quote wetin someone else talk but we need to avoid to use am on our own."

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