UN don join with governments to end cholera by 2030

Yemeni doctors treating sick children Image copyright EPA

Health officials from all over di world dey meet for France to find how dem go fit stop cholera death by 2030.

Di disease, wey dey spread through dirty water dey kill 100,000 people every year.

Dis na di first time wey governments, di World Health Organization, aid agencies and donors don make dis move to join body work together.

Dis na as Yemen dey continue to fight one of di worst cholera outbreak for dia history.

Cholera dey spread for Yemen because of poor hygiene and sanitation condition and lack of water supply.

More than 770,000 people na im di disease don affect. 2,000 people don die and na pickin plenty pass inside.

Dis kain big-big outbreaks na im people dey hear pass for tori but plenty places dey wey cholera dey happen well-well.

Disease for di poor

According to World Health Organization, na around two billion people for di world wey no get clean water and fit get cholera, .

Di UN health agency say health systems wey no good and di fact say dem no dey sabi quick-quick when outbreak start na im dey make di thing spread .

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Dr Dominique Legros, wey be di head of WHO's cholera programme, tell BBC say "We no fit dey see dis big outbreak every year.

"We get di things wey fit use to dey stop cholera so make we dey use dem.

"If water and sanitation dey, e dey enough to stop di spread of cholera.

"We don see am today for countries like Senegal, where we stop di spread.

Cholera na disease for di poor, to build basic infrastructure go cost money.

Dis na di estimated cholera cases for di world every year :

  • India: 675,188 cases, 20,266 deaths
  • Ethiopia: 275.221 cases, 10,458 deaths
  • Nigeria: 220,397 cases, 8,375 deaths
  • Haiti: 210,589 cases, 2,584 deaths

Source: Johns Hopkins University

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