Yahoo: Your email fit dey di three billion dem hack

Computer keyboard Image copyright Wikipidia

If you dey use Yahoo mail, no surprise as you dey read dis tori say your email fit dey inside di three billion emails wey hackers target for 2013.

Hackers na people wey dey use computer sense take enter other people email address, website and even computer, to collect different information for different reasons.

Di new buyers of Yahoo wey be Verizon don change mouth on Wednesday talk say no be one, but three billion email accounts na im hackers use force enter.

Na for December 2016 Yahoo bin say na over one billion email users' na im di hackers use by force open their data, including names, email addresses, phone numbers and date of birth for August 2013.

Early dis year, Verizon wey be big communications company for U.S. buy Yahoo, but on Wednesday 4 October dem carry statement come out say dem discover say "e be like say all di email account dem wey yahoo get suffer attack dat time for August 2013."

Di attack dey different from di one wey happen on September 2016, where hackers affect 500 million Yahoo users.

Yahoo believe say na " person wey government dey sponsor do di attack."

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