Las Vegas shooting: Paddock girlfriend 'no get idea' of di attack

Picture of Marilou Danley and Stephen Paddock
Image example US police say di woman, wey be former casino employee, bin dey live with Paddock for Nevada

Di girlfriend of di Las Vegas man wey kill 58 people on Sunday don say she no get idea of wetin her "kind, caring, quiet" partner bin dey plan.

Marilou Danley talk dis one hours before police suggest say Stephen Paddock bin dey live "a secret life".

Dem say im fit don dey plan to escape rather than to shoot imself die, but dem no talk more on top dat one.

Dem never still know why im shoot people wey dey jolly demself.

Clark County Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, talk for tori conference on Wednesday say:

  • Police don find more explosives for Paddock car for di hotel, along with about 1,600 rounds of bullet
  • Paddock bin dey gamble hours before im begin shoot
  • One week before im kill people for Las Vegas, im bin stay for Ogden Hotel wey dey across people wey dey jollificate for outside.

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Danley, wey speak to FBI on Wednesday after she travel come back on her own from holiday for di Philippines, say she shock for "di kain violence wey mouth no fit talk", wey Paddock do.

She say Paddock "no tell me anything or any action" wey be sign say something wan happen, she talk for statement wey her lawyer read.

Danley add say: "I love am and bin hope say we go spend quiet future together."

US authorities bin name Danley as a "person of interest" after dem begin torchlight wetin happen and bin talk say dem bin don reach her after di shooting.

Na she carry herself without force, fly come back to Los Angeles from di Philippines on Tuesday night to speak to di FBI, just over two weeks after Paddock bin surprise her with "cheap ticket" to enable her to visit her family.

While she dey there, im send her $100,000 (£75,400), say na to take buy house.

"I happy well well, but I bin worry say na way im wan use break up with me," she talk. "E no occur to me say im dey plan violence against anybodi."

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Her sisters bin don earlier tell Australian tori people 7News, say Danley "dem send her away... so dat she no go dey there to disturb wetin im dey plan".

Paddock bin check into suite for di Mandalay Bay Hotel on 28 September, and e be like say im use some of Danley identity documents.

US President Donald Trump, wey visit di city on Wednesday, say "America na truly nation wey dey mourn" after all those people wey die.

More than 500 people nai injure for di attack.

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Image example Plane of di US President - Air Force One as e dey leave Las Vegas. E fly pass di broken windows of di hotel wey di shooter attack from

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