Early Christmas: Dem don find Santa Claus for Turkey?

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Image example Di original Santa Claus na St. Nicholas

Christmas fit don come early for Turkish archaeologists wey believe say dem don find where dem bury di original Santa Claus, wey be Saint Nicholas.

Dey discover one tomb for under Saint Nicholas Church, for Demre district wey dey for south-west province of Antalya inside Turkey.

Dis town wey be Demre, na im replace di old town wey dem been dey call Myra where dem say St Nicholas been stay during di 4th Century.

Before-before wey dem never find out dis new grave, people been believe say di bones of St Nicholas dey for Bari, Italy.

People first think say Italian traders for 1087 carry St Nicholas body go, during di time wey Seljuk Turks attack Myra wey still be Greek town dat time.

By dat time Christians dey respect St Nicholas well-well because e dey kind and sabi help people especially children, and e dey humble.

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Image example Dis na bronze statue of Saint Nicholas outside di Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas wey dey for Bari, south of Italy.

Di church of St Nicholas wey dey for Demre na popular place wey pilgrims dey travel go, dem dey see am as di place wey dey burry St Nicholas, and scientist wey dey study human history don dey dig dat place for like 20 years to get more information.

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Image example During di Christmas celebration Santa clause dey give gift to pickin wey come visit am base on wetin St Nicholas do.

Cemil Karabayram, wey be Antalya Director of Surveying and Monuments, talk say recent scientific and technological study wey dem don do show say one tomb wey nobody don touch dey under di church.

E tell Hurriyet newspaper for Turkey say: "Di temple wey dey for di ground of di church dey for good condition, we believe say nothing don damage am so far. But e dey hard to enter inside because stones with design dey for di ground. We need to comot di stones one by one before we go fit remove am."

Mr Cemil say during one study wey dem do for old documents, dey see notes wey talk say di bones wey dem carry go Bari belong to another priest.

Dey don carry CT scan - dat na computer wey go scan with X-ray, plus geo-radar and eight academics go for di final stage of di digging work inside di tomb.

Mr Cemil talk say: "Di whole world eyes go dey focus on top wetin dey happen here. We claim say St Nicholas dey bury am for dis temple without any damage. We dey for di last stage. If we get di result, Antalya tourism go dey big."

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Image example Di image of Santa Claus - base on Saint Nicholas dey very popular

Saint Nicholas kindness make am dey popular for many years and na im lead to di Father Christmas wey dey give presents to children.

Di Dutch take dia own version "Sinterklaas" wen dey settle for America, na from there e turn to di Santa Claus wey many people know today.

Who be St Nicholas

St. Nicholas na Christian bishop wey dey help di poor and sick.

After im die, di story of e gift-giving spread all over di world and na from there di Santa Claus character, wey dey bring Christmas presents to children around di world from start.

Dem born am for Patara, Lycia, dis place na part of present-day Turkey.

Him lose both im mama and papa wen e dey young and report say e use im inheritance take help di poor and sick.