Storm Nate: 22 dead don die for Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras

One man dey carry zinc sheets after mudslide wey damage im house for San Jose for Costa Rica Image copyright Reuters
Image example Heavy rain don make river rise, come enter inside towns for Costa Rica

Tropical Storm Nate don kill reach like 22 people for Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras even as e dey waka go face United States.

Dem don declare state of emergency for di Central American countries but 20 people still dey miss.

Di storm don bring heavy rains, landslides and floods wey dey don block roads, destroy houses and damage bridges.

E reach nearly 400,000 people wey don run comot dia house for Costa Rica and plenty others no get water.

Na eight people don die for dia and eleven other people die when di storm waka enter Nicaragua.

For Honduras, na three people di storm kill, including two young people wey drown for inside river.

According to di tori wey emergency services talk, one man die for inside mudslide for El Salvador.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Like 5,000 people dey sleep for inside temporary house for Costa Rica

Dem don suspend all train journeys for Costa Rica and cancel flights.

Di storm also damage plenty things for Nicaragua.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Na di Caribbean coast area for Nicaragua Tropical Storm Nate damage pass

Di National Hurricane Centre talk say Tropical Storm Nate don suppose comot for Honduras for Thursday evening.

Dem dey predict say di storm go gather power come become category 1 hurricane before e land for inside south coast of United States on Sunday.

If Nate land for US, e go be di third major storm wey go sama dem dis year alone, after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Dem don already warn people wey dey live for Florida, reach even Texas say make dem dey ready.

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