Catalonia referendum: People for Spain wan protest against dem

Spanish National riot police evict a young woman during clashes between the people gathered outside the Ramon Llull school and police forces in Barcelona, Catalonia, on 01 October 2017. Image copyright EPA
Image example Na national riot police carry dis woman comot from crowd wey gather outside school for Barcelona, during di Catalonia referendum

Protests suppose happen all over Spain, against di independence wey Catalonia region dey find.

Dis na response to di 1 October referendum where Catalonia people vote whether to collect independence, even though Spain courts say all dis one dey illegal.

Demonstrations dey planned for di capital Madrid and other cities, supporters dey call for di same type of rally inside Catalonia capital wey be Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Spain government own representative for Catalonia don apologise to the hundreds of people wey injure as police dey try stop di referendum.

But Enric Millo still blame di Catalan government, say dem go organise illegal vote.

Dis na di first apology from any Spanish government official over di violence during di referendum.

Na so Mr Millo say im really regret di matter, and im wan "apologise on behalf of the officers wey put hand."

Di people bin injure as police dey try make sure say dem follow di ban wey court put on top di vote; dem dey seize ballot boxes, and dem wan stop di voters make dem no gather for one place.

Thirty-three police officers too injure on top all dis fight-fight.

Catalonia pictures: Na 760 don injure

So wetin dey happen now?

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Catalan President Carles Puigdemont dey plan to talk to di Catalan parliament on Tuesday for 18:00 local time (wey be 16:00 GMT).

Na di speaker of di parliament for di region talk dis one.

Spain Constitutional Court bin don already suspend di Catalan parliament session wey dem dey plan for Monday 9 October.

Tori be say di parliament go declare independence di next time dem meet, based on di referendum wey dem vote.

Di final results from di vote show say 90% of di 2.3m people wey come out to vote, want independence. Na about 43% of all Catalan people come out to vote.

Report be say di whole thing no dey smooth, and Spanish police seize many ballot boxes.

Meanwhile, Catalonia former leader, Artur Mas, tell di Financial Times say di region never yet ready for real independence - even though im believe Catalonia don win their right to separate from Spain.

Other things wey dey happen na say:

  • Some big companies don start to comot their headquarters or to transfer their legally-registered bases from Barcelona
  • Di Catalan chief of police wey be Josep Lluis Trapero, don appear before judge for national criminal court inside Madrid to face charges of "sedition against di state."

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