Di tori woman wey expose Nazi army

Clare Hollington
Image example Clare Hollington bin hate housework pass anything but she love to dey go battlefield with her papa

If you dey see di drawing wey dey on top google when you wan search for something, di drawing wey dem dey call Google doodle, dat na drawing wey Google dey take celebrate di birthday of Clare Hollingworth, di tori woman wey tell di world say World War two don start.

Di internet company being describe Hollingworth as adventurer unto say she dey "keep her passport where she go fit reach am, for in case."

Hollingworth be di war tori person wey break news say German troops bin dey gather and prepare to enter Poland for di start of World War Two.

She bin waka do more tori about fight fight for world but na dis tori make her career.

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Image example Holligton reach 105 years before she die and she been talk say she dey like to go areas wey danger dey because na dia di best tori dey come from

And even as she bin pass 100, she still dey keep her passport by her bed in case dem wan call am for tori.

Dem born Hollingworth for 10 October 1911 and na farm she grow when World War One dey scatter everywhere.

Her mama been dey always vex for tori people and na dat wetin ginger am become tori person.

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Image example Clare Hollington been marry two times for her life

One day, she bin dey come from Poland where she go do small shopping.

As she bin dey pass one road wey dem use some things cover one side, na so breeze blow, shift some comot.

Wetin she see change her life and launch career as tori person - she see thousands of German army dey march go Poland border.

Dat time, e never even reach one week wey she start work as tori person and as she report wetin she see for Poland border, e come become di biggest tori for di 20th century,

Hollingworth also do other tori like palava wey dey happen for Algeria and di Vietnam War. She be one of di first tori person wey talk say America military muscle no go fit finish di fight for Vietnam.

Collin Hollingworth bin die 10 January 2017 at di age of 105.

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