Liberia: 5 things wey you suppose know

Monrovia city, capital of Liberia. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example More than 2 million people go vote for elections on Tuesday for Liberia

Liberia wey get her capital for Monrovia na one of the di oldest republic for Africa. Di country get population of 4.6 million people.

Today, Liberians dey go polling stations across di country to vote for new president wey go take over from oga Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, wey tanda for office since 2006.

Dis election na di third since when civil war end for di country and Liberia don struggle before to change government peacefully.

Ms Sirleaf don tell people say make dem make sure say voting dey peaceful.

Dis na 5 things wey you suppose know about Liberia:

1. Na slaves start Liberia.

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Image example Di people wey dia ancestors na slave get 5 percent of Liberia.

Even though say na mostly Africans dey live for di West-African country, na slaves wey dem free from America start di country. Di people wey dia ancestors na slaves na dem make up 5 percent of Liberia population while di rest na other Africans wey don dey live there tay-tay.

2. Liberia don dotwo civil wars.

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Image example Liberia civil war just end for 2003

Di first civil war for Liberia na internal fight wey last for 8 years between 1989 and 1997. Di war kill pass 600,000 people before di Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and United Nations (UN) come chook mouth for peace to reign. Di peace only last for 2 years as di country start another war for 1999 after one rebel group from Guinea enter Liberia. Plenty people run comot from Liberia during di war. Na for 2003 di civil war end finally.

3. Ebola palava.

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Image example World Health Organization don declare say Liberia no get Ebola again.

Around 2014-2015, Ebola virus wey be very deadly disease hit di country and kill 11,300 people. American-Liberian Patrick Oliver Sawyer na di first person wey get Ebola for Nigeria. For January 2016, World health organization declare say Ebola no dey Liberia again.

4. First female president for Africa na from Liberia.

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Image example Sirleaf na winner of Nobel Peace prize.

For 2006, Liberia enter history as dem elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as di first ever female president for Africa. She enter office after rebels force Charles Taylor comot from office for 2003. Sirleaf don win plenty award including Nobel Peace prize.

5. Liberian girls fine no be small.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Michael Jackson release di song Liberian Girl for im 1987 album.

Di beauty of Liberian girls shack late pop star, Michael Jackson sotey im drop hit single, 'Liberian Girl' from im 1987 album, Bad. Di song sweet women for Liberia well well. Inside one interview with di Washington Times, one Liberian woman say, "di song give us hope. E make us feel say we still be part of di world".

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