UK man wey dey sell im tears inside bottle water

fg Image copyright Chris Hughes/Twitter
Image example Chris Hughes wan use di bottle water to appreciate im fans.

Chris Hughes wey be UK celebrity from di popular British dating reality show - Love Island - don launch one kain special bottle water.

Tears from im eyes dey inside di bottle water.

Di UK entertainer tell Radio Times say im wan use am to appreciate di people wey don dey show am love since im comot from di island.

Im still say im dey use di bottle water to do campaign for mental health.

Chris feel say e no make sense as men dey always form 'hard man' because dem dey shame to show dia true feelings.

Im dey ginger men make dem no "bottle up" dia feelings, say make dem feel free to cry when something pain dem.

To show say no be joke, Chris Hughes post promo video of imself as im dey cry inside di bottle water wey im wan sell give people.

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Dem dey advertise di bottle water as mineral water wey get tears from Chris Hughes inside.

People for social media get plenty to talk about dis "mineral water".

Di thing confuse some people well well.

But e get some people wey feel say dis bottle water idea too make sense.

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