Sebastian Kurz: Austrian politician wey fit become world youngest leader

Sebastian Kurz
Image example "Wunderwuzzi" - wey mean di man wey fit waka on top water na di guy-name wey dem give Sebastian Kurz

Austria conservative People's Party, wey dia leader na 31-year old Sebastian Kurz, fit win di country general election, according to sabi people wey dey put eye.

Mr Kurz dey lead so far, and e fit become di youngest leader for di world.

Di People's Party go win with more than 31%; but e no dey clear whether na Social Democrats or di far-right Freedom Party go collect second place.

If dem no fit get majority, then Mr Kurz im party go try to join bodi with anti-immigration Freedom Party.

When im dey follow im supporters talk, Mr Kurz say: "Time don reach for change inside dis country. Today na strong order for us, to change dis country, and I say thank you to all of una wey make am dey possible.

"I dey happy, and I dey look forward to my work for Austria."

Who Sebastian Kurz be?

Before di election, Mr Kurz bin serve as Europe youngest foreign minister, after dem appoint for 2013; dat time, na just 27 years old im be.

For May 2017 na im Mr Kurz become di leader of di People's Party.

Im begin im political career as leader of di party youth division; after dat one, im go serve for Vienna city council.

Im nickname na "Wunderwuzzi" (wey mean person wey fit waka on top water), and dem don compare am to di young leaders from France and Canada - Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau.

Just like Mr Macron, Mr Kurz don begin movement around imsef; e change di brand of di People's Party - wey don dey power pass 30 years - to "Di New People's Party."

And for second place...

Tori be say eye don dey on top ballots wey people vote through postal box, to settle di Austria result.

Dem go count dis postal votes for Austria parliamentary election to take know who go dey second place between di Social Democrats and di far-right Freedom Party, as di race dey very close.

Na di party wey carry second go follow Mr Kurz party begin discuss coalition matter.

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