Text message na di same thing as will - Australia court

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Image example Since 2013 na im Queensland, Australia dey allow different document as will

Text message wey one man bin no send before im die don become di man will for Australia, after court agree.

Di 55-year-old man, bin give all im property to im brother and im brother pickin, inside text message wey im write.

Na after di man don kill imself for 2016, na im dem find di message inside im phone.

Brisbane Supreme Court declare say, di way di man write di text message, mean say im get mind to use di text message as will.

For di message, di man put di information of how dem go take enter inside im bank account and where im hide money for house.

Di man write say: ''make una keep my ashes for di garden wey dey back.''

''Small money dey behind di TV and e remain for bank.''

According to local ABC News, di wife of di man bin dey try collect all di man property after e die.

She talk say di text message no fit be will, because her husband no press hand take send am.

As e be for Queensland, Australia before will fit become law, person must write am first, then two witness go sign di will.

Justice Susan Brown say di tori inside di text message, wey di man finish with, ''my will'' show say di man get mind for di text message to be im will.

She still talk say, even if di message no be di usual way dem dey take do will, e no mean say dem no go do wetin di man want, especially since di man write am when im know say im go die soon.

Di law for Queensland don change since 2016 wey fit allow document, wey no be di usual dem dey use as will.

Will wey person put for inside DVD na another example of di kain different will wey Queensland agree to dey collect for court, since 2013.

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