Boy Scouts wan start to dey accept girls to join di club

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Di Boy Scouts of America (BSA) don talk say dem go start to dey allow girls join di club.

Dem say girls fit join when dem yound and even graduate for senior rank Eagle Scout like boys dem.

Dis one come after di ogas do board of directors meeting on Wednesday.

BSA chief executive Michael Surbaugh say di organization feel say dem suppose change how dem dey do things so that dem go help families wey dey find better thing for dia pickin dem.

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Dem announce di decision as di world dey celebrate International Day of di Girl.

But di decision don scatter some people mind for internet.

Girl Scouts even chook mouth put, plus including di eldest son of US President Donald Trump.

Dis decision to add girls join Boy Scouts go start for 2019.

Dem go start to allow parents to register for dia Cub Scout programmes from 2018.

Early dis year, Girl Scout president, Kathy Hopinkah Hannah write letter send to Boy Scouts people dem say dem dey use style recruit girls and that one don cause make di number of girls wey dey Girl Scouts reduce.

The BSA say di number of members wey dem get reach 2.3million.