Switzerland dey flush millions of gold every year

Gold sample Image copyright SEBASTIAN DERUNGS
Image example Switzerland sef, see di kain thing wey dey dia gutter

For Accra, Lagos or Monrovia, e dey normal make nylon-bag and other useless things full gutter, but for Switzerland, na silver and gold dey inside dia own.

Last year, experts say dem find 3 tonnes of silver and 43kg of gold for water treatment factory for where dem clean dirty water wey dey flow enter gutter.

Experts say di gold and silver dem find get value of up to $3.1 million.

But before you go wan book ticket go find gold, know say Switzerland government dey suspect say dis tiny gold na from di factory wey dey make watch, medicine and chemicals wey dey use dem.

Image example Technician for Switzerland

Na for di southern city of Ticino dem find dis gold pass because na for this area gold refinery dem plenty pass for Switzerland.

Dem also discover metal wey no common like gadolinium wey dem dey use for hospital.

Dis latest thing wey don happen na example of di kind expensive and rich something wey Switzerland dey find.

Last month government begin one investigation after some toilet for one bank for Switzerland capital, Geneva, and three restaurants block because of $100,000 notes wey dey inside di toilets.

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