Harry Potter: Why dem name dis insect after im enemy?

Actor Jason Isaacs dey pose with giant wasp for set of Harry Potter. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Jason Isaacs na di actor wey play Lucius Malfoy for di Harry Potter film.

Researchers for New Zealand don name new type of wasp after one of Harry Potter biggest enemy, Lucius Malfoy.

Harry Potter na di main character for di fantasy novels wey British author J.K Rowling write. Di novels dem don turn to movies wey dey very popular all over di world.

Di researcher, Tom Saunders na im find dis wasp, wey im don name as Lusius Malfoyi.

No be just because oga Saunders na big Harry Potter fan na im make am give di wasp dis kain name, but na because e wan show how human beings dey relate with insects and animals.

Harry Potter fans dem for all over di world know say Lucius Malfoy na di Papa of Draco Malfoy, wey dey always find Harry Potter trouble for school.

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Jason Isaacs na di actor wey play Lucius Malfoy for di 2002 Harry Potter film wey dem call 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.'

Inside di film and di story book, Lucius bin help Voldermort to show Harry Potter and im friends pepper; for real life, wasps sef na insect wey dey always show people pepper with dia bite-bite.

Mr Saunders talk say people dey look wasps as 'bad guys'. But im say dat one no be true because wasps dey useful, and dis type of wasp (Lusius Malfoyi) no dey bite at all, but dem fit lay egg inside other animals, wey mean say dem be parasites.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Wasp na parasite wey dey control pests for many places for world.

Just as dem forgive Lucius Malfoy for di Harry Potter film after im comot from Voldermort camp, Mr Saunders sef dey beg people, make dem follow forgive wasps and begin look dem as important insects.

Wasps dey plenty pass all di fish, bird, mammals and other animals join.

For countries like New Zealand and other places for world, dem dey use dis kain parasite take control pests and e no dey cost money.

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