Five cities wey no safe for women

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Image example Wahala dey for women pass men for many parts of di world but women go like if dem fit solve some of their wahala

Plenty places dey for world wey dey hard for women to live. Dis na according to di Thomas Reuter Foundation.

Dem do research for 19 big cities for all over di world wey if you be woman, things go hard for you pass as e hard for man.

Di issues wey dem use judge di matter for their research na:

  • Sexual violence
  • Woman health
  • Culture and traditions
  • Money matter.

Make we see some of di cities wey dey di list.

Lagos, Nigeria

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Image example Lagos be one of di people wey their traditions dey affect women

Lagos enter di list as number eight worst place for women to stay for world. Di reason na say dem get ancient traditions wey women dey suffer wey include circumcision for women.

Another issue na money matter, di research see say women no dey too get help for di city to start business like that.

Lima, Peru

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Image example Peru get wahala with di way dem dey treat women wey wan born

Lima, wey dey Peru for South America, be number five for di list of worst cities for woman to live.

E get di worst rating for woman health care on top say dem no get better healthcare for women wey wan born and di number of women wey dey die sake of say dem wan born too high.

Dem also get wahala for women security for di place and money matter for women no too good for di area.

Delhi, India

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Image example Di matter of "rape capital" bin start after dem rape one girl for inside bus but even though dem don improve law, people think say e no reach

New Delhi na India capital wey people plenty well-well. Rape for dia bad sotay people dey call di place di "rape capital" of India.

Di way wey dem dey treat women as e concern money matter, education and to buy land or house dey too bad.

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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Image example Congo women fit get wahala when dem wan get land or wan start business.

Kinshasa for Congo carry medal for di second worst city for woman. Di way wey dem dey treat women for money matter and education na di worst for di big cities for di world.

Dem no come get better health care to help women. Dem get di second worst healthcare for women.

Cairo, Egypt

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Image example Women dey Egypt dey get wahala with old laws wey dey affect their lives now

Dis city carry position as di worst city for women to live inside. Dem tradition dey force women to do circumcision and by-force marriage.

No be only dat one, as dem no fit even protect their women from sexual violence.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori