5 ways wey Wi-Fi fit harm you

Woman wey dey use phone Image copyright Antony Njoro

Abeg no dey connect to Wi-Fi anyhow. Dis na advise wey computer sabi people dey always give.

But when people see free Wi-Fi connection wey dem fit use do plenty things for phone and computer, e easy to quick forget di advice.

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Public Wi-Fi na di kind wey you no know where di connection you dey join dey come from.

Dis na di five palava wey experts say you fit enter for Wi-Fi.

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Man In The Middle (MitM)

Wetin MitM dey do be say when computer connect for internet, person wey warn attack you fit find small mistake inside programming, come use am enter your phone or system for middle codedly, come check all informate wey dey important to you.

Malware distribution

Because of small mistake wey fit dey person system, dem fit use Wi-Fi enter come carry virus put for inside and you no go know.

Snooping and Sniffling

Di name be like dat because di person wey dey mess with di system dey do like rat.

Cybercriminals go buy special equipment wey go allow dem to dey do amebo for Wi-Fi wey people dey use.

Dis method fit allow dem know everything wey you dey do online and dem fit even steal your account from you.

Malicious Hotspot

Wetin dis one be na fake Wi-Fi wey fit trick di people wey dey enter because dem think say di Wi-Fi dey legit.


Dis attack dey start with di way wey computer and internet router take dey communicate with demself.

When dem don ensure their connection, outside computer fit come to see whether dem fit deceive di original computer to do connection with am like e be di internet router.

Dis na wetin dey cause wahala for system as many of dis internet connection no dey secure.