Canada couple fight because of $5m lotto jackpot

Lotto649 ticket Image copyright Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

One Canadian couple dey battle demself for court, after lottery ticket wey di man use take win millions of dollars don cause palava between dem.

Di woman wey be Denise Robertson, go collect one order from court on 28 September to stop di man - Maurice Thibeault make e no fit withdraw di money wey be $5m.

Mr Thibeault na one of di two winner for di Lotto 649 draw wey reach $12m total, but wen Denise ask am if e don win, she says im deny am quick-quick.

Na days later, for 25 September, na im Denise say she come house to find out say Mr Robertson don pack all im property comot from di apartment wey two of dem dey share inside Chatham, Ontario.

Dis na just five days after im win part of di 20 September jackpot. Di matter serious sotay Mr Thibeault don even resign from im work.

Toronto Star na im first report tori about di quarrel on Thursday.

According to one court paper wey Denise Robertson swear and she even show am to BBC, di couple don dey live together for two-and-a-half years.

Di woman talk say: "Me and Maurice don dey buy Lotto 649 tickets together, ever since when we don dey together. Sometimes na im go buy di ticket and sometimes na me go buy am. Sometimes I go give am money and e go buy di ticket wen e wan go buy cigarettes. We always agree say if we get di winning ticket, di money go be our own together as couple."

People wey dey close to Mr Thibeault tell local media say e don dey plan to leave Denise since for months, and di lottery na im give am opportunity to do so.

Dem say e don go hide for one place wey nobodi sabi, until dem settle di matter.

For Ontario, wey be di province wey di couple dey stay, the number of years person must live with im partner before di law go see dem as couple, depend on di type of application di person wan go for.

For application wey get to do with support from partner, di law go need di couple to live together for three years,

But Denise dey argue say since two of dem don get one agreement before to share all di lotto wey dem win, she suppose get her share of dis big-big money.

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