Olaudah Equiano: Who be di Nigerian Google dey hail

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Olaudah Equiano go be 272 years old today.

Im be African writer wey talk im life experience inside autobiography wey make di British end slave trade.

Autobiography na story of person life wey di person write imsef.

Equiano do many things for lifetime - slave, seaman, steward, acting captain, merchant, writer.

Equiano know say, if im want make people see say slave trade no good, na to talk about im life story. Na so im publish im autobiography for 1789: Di Interesting Narrative of di Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa The African. Di book sell well-well and dem come translate am for plenty language.

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Image example Dem bin rename Olaudah Equiano two times; im former name na Micheal

Di book get important role for slavery matter during 18th century. Inside im talk about di suffering wey dey happen to people wey dem kidnap from dia country go another place to work for white master dem. Na so im inspire people like William Wilberforce and Granville Sharp to arrange wetin dem call di Slave Trade Act of 1807, wey come force dem make dem end slavery for Britain.

Part of di book -

"One day wen all our people go work, na only me and my sister dey for house, na so two man and one woman climb our fence and dem come catch two of us, we no even fit cy, dem cover our mouth and carry us enter bush. For here dem tie our hand, come carry us till night reach wen we enter small house for refreshment and to rest. Dem remove di rope wey dem use tie us but we no fit eat; and as we don tire finish na only sleep dey our eye."

The Man, Olaudah Equiano

Dem born am for 16 October 1746 in Essaka wey be Eboe province for southern Nigeria.

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According to Equiano, na slave traders kidnap am and im sister wen dem be 11 years old and carry dem go Barbados, from there dem go Virginia.

Wen dem reach Virginia, dem sell Equiano to Michael Pascal, one lieutenant for di Royal Navy, who give am new name 'Gustavus Vassa', like old 16th-century Swedish king.

Di two follow waka together for eight years on top ocean and Equiano use dat time learn to read and write.

After im return to London for di second time, im form 'Sons of Africa', group wey dey campaign say make dem stop slave trade.

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For 1792, Equiano marry Englishwoman, Susanna Cullen, and dem get two daughters.

He die for 31 March 1797.

But it still take like 10 years for Britain to end slave trade and another 40 extra years join before dem abolish slavery for di British Colonies.

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