Malta: Son of journalist wey dem kill dey vex

Police and forensics experts fo where di thing happen Image copyright Reuters
Image example Police dey for where di bomb explode

Di son of one top investigative journalist wey dem kill for car bomb attack inside Malta don raise mouth against wetin im call di country "mafia state."

Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, die for explosion just after she comot her house for Bidnija, near Mosta, on Monday 16 October.

She dey very popular for her blog wey dey accuse top politicians on top corruption matter.

"Dem kill my Mama because she stand between di rule of law and those wey wan disobey am," na wetin her pickin, Matthew Caruana Galizia, wey dey near di blast, talk.

Na for one long Facebook post wey Matthew write hours after im try to save im Mama as her car dey burn, na im e face di Malta police, say dem no sabi work; e also say di government too dey do anyhow.

"When di government no fit do their work, many times di last person wey dey stand na journalist," na wetin di man wey also be journalist write.

E say "dis na where we dey; as mafia state...where dem go blow you scatter to pieces if you do wetin be your right."

She bin use Panama Papers cause palava

Daphne Caruana Galizia na one journalist wey hallla well-well against government sotay she cause early election to happen dis year after she write things wey connect Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to di Panama Papers scandal.

Mr Muscat and im wife deny say dem use secret bank accounts for overseas to hide payments from Azerbaijan dem ruling family - Mr Muscat enter office again, even with all dis palava.

Mr Muscat say im no happy with di killing; e call am attack "on top di freedom of expression for our country."

Dis popular blog wey Caruana Galizia dey write also put heat on top opposition politicians; she say di situation of politics for di country dey "desperate," for her final post.

How im Mama die

Matthew Caruana Galizia say im no go ever forget as im dey "run around di fire for di field, dey try to find way to open di door."

"Dis no be ordinary murder and e no dey sad. Sad na when bus run over person bodi. When blood and fire dey all around you, then dat na war."

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Daphne Caruana Galizia na one of di journalists wey dey popular for Malta

Herman Grech, wey be di online editor of Times of Malta say na di same way people really love Caruana Galizia na im people also hate her.

Di thing don divide Malta politically - but im say everybodi go remember her as one of di writer wey get power.

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Image example Thousands of people don gather for candlelight vigil for Daphne Caruana Galizia on Monday

Police don open murder investigation, and Malta don ask make others come help dem - including from di US - with di investigation matter.

Meanwhile, local media report say di magistrate wey dey in charge of di case don say make another person handle am, because Caruana Galizia don write against her before, before.

Caruana Galizia family sef don say make dem replace her, na wetin di newspaper talk.

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