Australia wan stop revenge porn

Young girl wey no dey too happy. Image copyright iStock

Australia don arrange di first national reporting tool wey go help people wey somebody share dia naked picture online, dis na wetin dem call 'revenge porn' for English.

Revenge porn na di sharing of naked image or video of somebody just to wicked am and di person no give any permission to share am.

Di online portal wey Australia bring come out go give advice on to how di person wey dey share im picture go fit remove am, how e go take report di abuse to authority and sue who do am.

Di eSafety commissioner for di country talk say about 20% of Australians wey dey between di age of 16 and 49 don experience dis kind of abuse before.

Young women and indigene for Australia dey more easily to be victim.

Di same research find out say 76% of victim no take any action, sometimes because dem no know wetin to do.

For statement wey di Communication Minister Mitch Fifield bring come out, e talk say di $4.8m (£2.8m) portal na "world-first", although di California government for United States do provide something like dat before and non-government organisation for somewhere provide similar thing too.

Mr Fifield also talk say di government dey think how to punish people wey dey do am or website wey dey carry 'revenge porn.'

Already, all di states and territories for Australia except three wey remain don get special law against 'revenge porn' and dem don also use telecommunication laws to carry offenders go court.

'Revenge porn' dey illegal for UK, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, and for most US states.

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