Lena Headey say Harvey Weinstein sexually harass am

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Image example Lena Headey don join other women wey accuse 65 year old Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment

Lena Headey wey dey play Cersei Lannister on top Game of Thrones TV show na di latest actor to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

For di film, she dey act person wey no dey show how she dey really feel.

But on Tuesday di star wey dey 44 years, enter Twitter to share her tori of wetin happen with di former big Hollywood producer, wey she dey accuse say try to do sexual things with am two times.

According to Headey, di first time e happen na when she go di 2005 Venice Film Festival for di premiere of The Brothers Grimm.

"E get one point wey Harvey ask me to follow am waka go where water day," she write. "I follow am waka go and im come stop to talk one bad thing, but I just laugh. E really shock me."

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Image example Harvey Weinstein na former big producer wey some women don accuse of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

But some years later, another one happen wey worse pass di first one. Headey been dey Los Angeles when di 65-year-old Harvey invite her to chop breakfast with am.

She say: "I don always believe say im no go ever try anything with me after wetin happen di last time. I believe say im go respect me and maybe na work matta im wan follow me talk."

Headey say di two of dem chop breakfast, talk small about film and im ask question about her love life, wey she try to change to another talk.

And then Harvey go toilet, when im come back, im tell her say make she follow am go room, say im get script wey e want make she read.

"We comot from lift and we waka go im room. E put im hand for my back, e dey push me go, im no talk anything. I feel like say person wey no get power, he try to use im key card but e no work, im come vex."

"E follow me waka back to di lift... as im grab and squeeze di back of my hand, e pay for my car and come whisper inside my ear 'No tell anybodi wetin happen, your manager, your agent.'

"I enter di car and I cry."

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Image example Lena Heady say 65-year-old Harvey Weinstein make am cry

Wetin don happen to Harvey Weinstein?

Headey don join other women like Angelina Jolie and Rose McGowan to accuse Harvey Weinstein even though im don deny say e force dem.

Because of dis allegation, dem don sack am from di board of The Weinstein Company studio and dem expel am from di Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, di people wey organise Oscar awards.

And if dem charge am for court and e dey guilty, e fit go jail for up to 25 years.

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