Google Maps don comot cupcake calorie counter

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Google don decide say dem go comot one part of im Google Maps.

Dis part na im dey calculate how many calories you fit burn from your body if you waka go where you dey go.

Na after wetin Google call "strong user feedback" wey people talk say dat part of di app dey shame people and fit cause many people to get eating disorders.

Dem come talk say di pink cupcake counter feature no dey scientific.

Google Maps bin dey test am for under di walking directions for im iOS version.

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Priya Tew wey be member for di Association of UK Dieticians talk say, "even though e dey good to make people dey waka more, di way wey Google Maps do am no be better way.

"First of all, e dey create competition, as people go dey try to burn more calories every day, wey fit make some people over exercise.

Two, e fit make dem shame say dem never waka enough or dem never burn enough calories."

"If people wan loose weight, e better make option dey wey fit allow dem to dey count calories, instead of say e go just dey your front like na by force."

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