France: Disturb woman for street, pay heavy money

Marlène Schiappa, BBC Pidgin Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Marlène Schiappa na France Gender Equality minister wey dey behind di new Bill

If you be person wey dey waka follow woman for street, dey ask dem for number up and down for road, then French government don ready to deal with you.

Dem don dey work on top Bill wey fit turn to law wey go mean say harassment against women for French streets go be offense wey go come with fine wey di person must pay quick-quick.

Na dis week na im di country Gender Equality Minister Marlène Schiappa, say she don arrange workshops all over di country to discuss di Bill, wey go also extend di time wey dem fit drag person person go court for sexual assault on top small-small pickin dem.

"As e be so, you no go fit go court to complain about street harassment," na wetin Ms Schiappa talk for local radio.

She say dis kain harassment na "when person waka enter your face, dey talk to you, put mouth near your face, dey follow you up and down for three, four, five or six streets, or even dey ask for your telephone number about 17 times."

Madam Schiappa say dem never know how much money people go pay as fine, but e no go too high, so dat those wey harasss anybodi go fit pay am quick-quick, once police catch dem."

For parliament now, na five lawmakers dey study di new law, and tori be say dem fit begin vote on top am next year.

Schiappa say she get di full support of President Emmanuel Macron, wey don dey beg women wey be victim of sexual harassment to open mouth, talk as things be.

Dis proposal from France don dey trend for news because e dey come for di same time as di Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Weinstein na popular US film producer wey over 24 women don accuse of sexual assault. Im say e dey innocent.

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