South Africa: UK banks fit don collect corruption money

Lord Hain
Image example Lord Hain na big politician for Britain wey bin grow up for South Africa

Authorities for United Kingdom wan begin check whether some big banks for di country put hand inside corruption scandal wey dey shake South Africa.

Di UK Chancellor don tell financial regulators and di Serious Fraud Office to put eye, make sure say HSBC and Standard Chartered no join bodi inside wetin dey happen inside di African country.

Allegations don plenty on top di head of South Africa President Jacob Zuma, say im get plenty business deal with one rich business family wey be di Guptas; dem dey accuse all of dem say na trick dem use thief di country money, put am for different places for oversea.

Na all dis one make UK dem Chancellor wey be Lord Peter Hain raise alarm say maybe di banks fit don be some of di place wey dis dirty corruption money waka pass.

Tori be say Lord Hain go raise di matter for parliament later today.

Im tell BBC say e don already write give Chancellor Philip Hammond say one person don pass corner tell dem say di banks fit dey inside.

Na so one talk-talk person for UK Treasury say: "we dey take dis matter very serious, and we don pass Lord Hain letter" to all di authorities wey go fit sabi di right action to take.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Protesters bin don demonstrate outside di Gupta family dem compound

BBC tori person for Johannesburg wey be Andrew Harding, say dis letter na "another level for di corruption scandal wey don shake everywhere for South Africa, sotay e don destroy di image of many big-big companies for world."

President Zuma and di Guptas don dey talk since say dem no do anything wrong, and dem be victims of "politically motivated witch-hunt," wey mean say big-big people for politics wey no like dem don dey use dis matter cause headache.

But email wey leak and some investigations dem don make many people believe say di Guptas take money buy power for government, so dat dem go steal money up and down for di country.

For South Africa, di scandal don already spoil work for British public relations company, Bell Pottinger and auditors KPMG, sotay dis companies comot dia top executive team from di country.

Lord Hain, don dey fight against apartheid for South Africa, and im grow up there sef.

Im beg di UK authorities "to pursue any money wey dem steal, make sure say British companies help to return am to di people of South Africa."

Tori be say dem take di money from South Africa through Hong Kong and Dubai.

Lord Hain, claim for im letter say President Zuma and di Guptas dey corrupt.

Brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta get different businesses inside computer, mining, media, travel, energy and technology wey dey employ 10,000 people for South Africa through dia company, Sahara Group.

As for di banks, HSBC refuse to reply to di latest tori wey dey ground, while Standard Chartered never respond to requests for dia side of di tori.

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