New Zealand: 37 year old woman don become Prime Minister

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At 37, Jacinda Ardern go become New Zealand Prime Minister after she announce say she don ready to form government.

Ms Ardern bin dey work as opposition leader for three months now but now, she go be di youngest prime minister for di country since 1856.

Her Labour Party bin come second for di September election wey no party carry majority of di votes.

But na dem go start new government after dem join bodi with di New Zealand First Party.

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Image example Her campaign bin dey for young people


Di campaign wey enter di September general election bin dey between National Party wey Prime Minister Bill English dey lead and Labour Party.

Labour no too do well before, but when Ms Ardern re-arrange things so tay di party's campaign come catch fire for di country. Na so people just dey follow hail am.

Ms Ardern use her campaign to target young people as she talk about policies like to dey reduce education bills, housing and di environment.

Di support for di Labour party wey people call "Jacinda-mania", carry di party enter draw with di National Party, wey dey lead for di election before.

Who Jacinda Ardern be?

  • She don dey do politics since she be teenager, also she spend some time for UK as adviser to Tony Blair.
  • She enter parliament for 2008 when she be 28.
  • She become leader for di Labour Party for July 31.
  • She put eye for her campaign issues like inequality, cheap houses and student debt for inside.
  • She don dey talk for feminism and mental health.
  • She leave her religion wey be Mormon because e no accept same sex marriage.
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Image example One of di major issues wey she hold for her campaign na for affordable house

After di join bodi deal bin complete, Ms Arden come out to tell reporters say, "I dey honoured say I dey dis position wey I fit form government wey Labour go dey lead."

She talk say government go work very hard to make sure say dem deliver di promises wey dem promise.

Di last prime minister, Bill English bin enter office for 2016 after John Key wey bin dey before resign.

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