Love letter wey Obama write college girlfriend don show

Na with hand dem take write di letters. Image copyright Emory
Image example Di letters show say di person wey write am love di person im write am for. Most of dem show Mr Obama life when im be young graduate

Di Rose Library for Emory University don print love letters wey former US President, Barack Obama, write when im still be young boy for college.

Di letter wey im use biro take write dem, na between Mr Obama when im be 20-something year old student for California and Alexandra McNear.

Di letters show di mind of di future president, di kain things wey im dey struggle, like money mata.

"Na with one sweet style and sense Obama write dis letters, dem show man wey dey reason about wetin im wan take im life do", na wetin library director Rosemary Magee talk.

Long distance

Dem write di letter between 1982 and 1984, five years before Mr Obama first befriend Michelle, di woman wey later become im wife.

For one of di first letters wey im write, : "You know say I miss you well-well, di kain mind l get for you plenty pass di air wey dey, di confidence wey dey deep like di sea, di love l get for you dey another level."

E sign di letter with: "Love, Barack."

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Image example Mr Obama write di letters when im dey long-distance relationship

But di long-distance relationship no last.

By 1983, im dey tell her say: "You dey my mind all di time, even though say di thing dey confuse me."

Im dey find im way

For one letter, Obama write about how im friends dey prepare to settle down or control family business.

Na for Hawaii dem born Obama, to papa wey come from Kenya, but na Indonesia im grow up, and im feel say im no blend with wetin im dey see.

"No be lie, l jealous well-well" im write.

"I be person wey no get class, structure, or tradition wey fit support me, e dey automatic say my journey go different."

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Image example Di nine letters reach up to 30 pages,

But dis mission for Obama no easy like that.

By 1983, im don graduate and return to Indonesia where im grow up, but im see say im no belong anymore.

"Dem dey use one kind eye look me because I be American ."

But Obama as young graduate know wetin im wan do with im life.

Im don get plan say im go work for community dey help people, something wey im go talk about when im become president but first im try look for work.

"For one whole week I no even fit send my CV to employers," im write for 1983.

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