Rohingya: '12,000 pickin dey run for dia life every week'

Na around 12,000 pickin dem dey pick race, run for dia life from Myanmar, enter Bangladesh every week as kill-kill don dey plenty for Rakhine state.

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Image example E pass half-a-million Rohingya people wey don dey run comot Myanmar to Bangladesh, since late August

Unicef wey be, di United Nations (UN) join-bodi wey dey put eye for pickin matter talk dis one.

Na for new report na im Unicef draw ear dey warn di whole world say di situation don pass be careful.

Dis na because all di camps for Bangladesh where dis people wey run dey stay, don full well-well, and e dey dangerous for pickin dem.

Food no too dey, and na so-so disease like cholera dem fit catch, plus di one where bad people fit begin byforce dem for sex, or begin traffick dem for strong work wey fit even kill dis pickin.

Out of di almost 600,000 Rohingya Muslims wey don run comot Myanmar since di end of August, over half of dem na pickin.

Unicef say di way dem dey live for Bangladesh no good at all: dem no dey see food chop, no clean water, or better place to stay, many children just dey by demself, and dem don suffer many things wey mouth sef no fit talk.

Another thing be say dem no get chance to continue dia education or even start am sef, and if world peopel no join hand helep dis children, dem fit end up dey do bad-bad work.

As UN dey plan to meet raise money next week, Unicef dey try to find $76m. Dem wan try to supply 320,000 Rohingya pickin dem with all di things wey every pickin go need to survive.

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