Catalan Independence: Spain wan comot leaders

People dey hold candles and a Catalan pro-independence "Estelada" flag for demonstration in Barcelona say dem arrest of two Catalan separatist leaders on October 17, 2017. Image copyright AFP
Image example Catalonia independence referendum don put di country for wahala

Di Spanish Prime Minister don talk im plan to comot di leaders for Catalan and control di region.

E talk after sharp-sharp cabinet meeting wey bin hold on Saturday. Mariano Rajoy no talk say e go stop Catalan parliament, but talk say dem go get new elections.

Di thing wey remain na make di Spain senate approve am.

Dis one dey come three weeks after Catalan do vote so dat dem go fit comot from Spain.

Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont don refuse to comot di bid for dia independence even after dem beg am.

Mr Rajoy talk say choice no dey again for government but to put Catalan for direct rule, say wetin dem dey do na to find trouble and e dey against di law.

Di way dem go do am na to use di Article 155 for dia constitution wey go allow Spain to put direct eye for di mata of Catalan.

For press conference, Mr Rajoy talk say no be wetin Spain bin wan do (to use di article) but na Senate go decide when dem vote next week.

Spanish law talk say election must hold six months after dis law begin, but Mr Rajoy talk say e dey important make di election happen sooner.

Wetin be Article 155?

Wetin Article 155 mean be say e fit allow make Spain government take over power from Catalonia if e be like say wahala don start.

Dem never use that law since democracy start for Spain.

Catalonia dey enjoy freedom of power for things like police, education and healthcare.

How dis one take happen?

For 1 October, Catalonia bin hold election to see if dia people wan comot from Spain.

For di 43% wey vote, 90% talk say dem wan go. But plenty people think say di vote no real so dem no go.

Mr Puigdemont and di other leaders for there come sign dia declaration of independence but put pause for di matter make dem talk.

E come disobey two orders wey Spain government put to clear di air for di Catalonia mata, na why dem wan do Article 155.

Wetin be di money mata argument?

Catalonia dey provide up to 20% of di money wey Spain dey make and people wey wan make dem separate talk say dem dey make too much money for Spain.

Meanwhile people wey no want make di move happen talk say di country dey better as dem dey together and say wahala for money mata go happen if dem separate.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy get meetin with im cabinet on Saturday

Almost 1,200 companies wey dey Catalonia don go set house for other places for Spain so dat dem no go get to much wahala if di separation happen, na wetin AFP tori agency talk.

And di national growth for 2018 drop from 2.6% to 2.3% and dem dey blame am on top di matter of Catalan independence.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori