Chanje Kunda: Di poet wey dey use pole dance to teach physics

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Image example Chanje Kunda wan celebrate how women dey sexy

Wetin poem, pole dance and physics get in common apart from di 'P' wey start dem?

Plenty. And one artist for London go do show wey go combine join dem.

Chanje Kunda wey be poet, writer and performing artist wan do show wey she go use pole dancing compare di way wey particles dey work for physics with di way wey work dey happen for night club.

Di show, wey she call Superposition, go include ballet dancing, contemporary dancing, pole dancing and lap dancing.

Ms Kunda say "Di media don make di sexiness of woman to dey cheap and as feminist I wan celebrate am."

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Image example Kunda dey compare how particle for physics dey work with how nightclubs dey work

For example, one line for her show: "If atom be nightclub, di nucleus go dey dance for di middle of dance floor and di electron go dey waka round di neutron to dey check out di sexiness from all angles.

"Na how I dey explain how atoms and particles dey work, as I dey go round."

Na one of her directors talk say make she go learn pole dance.

Image copyright MISELO KUNDA
Image example Na di work wey she do as she win BBC writing competition give am di idea for Superposition

Di movement go dey follow all di science things wey dem go dey talk for di show.

Dis na di second full stage show wey Ms Kunda go do. Her first one wey she call Amsterdam start for 2014 and bin run for three years.

She also win BBC Radio 3 The Verb New Voices writing competition for 2015 and come do short film for BBC wey dem call Physics.

Na dia she get di idea for dis show.

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