Denmark: Your horse die? Na six months to feed am to lion

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Image example Although plenty people dey bring dia horse, dem no dey feed di lions only horse meat

People wey get horse for Denmark must to wait for at least six months if dem wan give di horse dead bodi as food to lions for Copenhagen Zoo.

E don become popular to dey carry dead horse give zoo make dem give dia animals wey dey chop meat, sotay waiting list dey for people wey want make zoo collect dia horse.

Dis na because di people wey get horse for di area think say e better to give animals for zoo to chop dia dead horse than to pay $584 make private company help dem recycle dia animals.

Di zoo way no dey cost anything at all and horse owners dey find di idea of wetin dey happen to dia animals better than to dey give am to company wey go turn dem pets to fuel.

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Image example Dis zoo don enter palava before say dem carry giraffe wey nothing bin do to feed dem lions

One of di horse owners, Karina Fisker talk say: "when di lions chop di horse, e dey enter back as part of di food chain."

She add say e dey important for am say her horse no suffer any pain when e die.

Di zoo talk say for di third quarter of di year di list for dead horse go increase because di owners dey like give dia horse one final ride for summer, before dem kill dem.

No be only horse meat di lions, tigers, and brown bears for di zoo dey chop.

Person for di zoo, Jacob Munkholm Hoeck talk say dem dey balance di diet with rabbits, cow pickin, goat or zebra sometimes.

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