Hurricane Maria: Tesla wan give solar power to Puerto Rico

Solar system for pickin hospital Image copyright TESLA
Image example Di solar panel and battery storage go also give electricity to one pickin hospital

Even as Hurricane Maria don cut power for more than half of di people for Puerto Rico, one US businessman wan increase power supply for di country.

Elon Musk bin promise dis one and now, im company wey be Tesla don put solar panels and batteries wey dey store energy for Hospital del Nino, wey be pickin hospital for San Juan.

Di batteries go give energy for di panels when sunlight no too dey.

Tesla talk say dis no be di last project wey dem go do.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example After one month, Puerto Rico still dey scatter-scatter after di Hurricane

For October, Tesla co-founder talk for Twitter say im wan help build electricity for di area.

Di governor for Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello gree say, "make we talk."

Mr Rossello don already thank Tesla on top wetin dem do for di hospital for Twitter.

Dis na even as Mr Rossello don dey defend di company wey im give deal to repair electricity for di place.

E talk say di company, Whitefish Energy Holdings na di only one wey meet di requirements for money wey no too much.

Dis na as di US Pentagon don say as of 24 October, 18% of people wey bin no get power don get dia power back.

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