Singapore go begin reduce cars from dia road next year

Traffic in Singapore Image copyright Getty Images

Singapore go less di number of cars for dia road well-well, from February next year.

Di Land Transport Authority (LTA) say dia na because land no dey and dia public transport don better.

For some time, di small country get tough laws wey dem dey use to control how many cars dey waka for dia roads.

Because of dat, di number of people wey get car for Singapore dey low; something wey no dey happen for other rich countries dem.

Dia permit system

Singapore get law wey dey make am very expensive to get car.

Dem get dis system wey you go need bid for right to get and use car for some years, wey dem dey call Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

Because of dat, brand new cars for Singapore dey cost well-well, in fact if you buy car for US, to get di same thing for Singapore, na four times di money you go pay.

Di LTA say dis new decision no go really affect di number of COE wey dey, because most of dem no dey new; instead dem come from cars wey people no dey use again.

Singapore cars: See di numbers

  • One new Deutsche Bank report say brand-new car go cost $90,000 for Singapore. Dat same car go cost like $24,000 for UK and US.
  • Na about 11% of people na im get car for Singapore. For US, na nearly 80% and for Europe na like 50% of people get car.
  • For di global congestion index wey navigation firm TomTom do, Singapore dey number 55 for di list; Jakarta dey 2nd, and Bangkok dey 3rd for di same congestion index.

Transport waka

Even with di government law, na almost one million cars dey for Singapore roads. Na just more than 600,000 wey be private use and rent, including cars wey dem dey use for ride-hailing services dem like Uber and Grab.

Di LTA say dem get issues wey dey affect dem to expand di small country road network. Roads na like 12% of di country total land area.

Singapore dey invest $20bn Singapore dollars (wey reach like $14.9bn) for new railway, and $4bn to better di infrastructure wey dem get and $4bn on top wetin dem calll bus contracting subsidies.

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