"We don get typhoid vaccine wey dey work" - WHO

Child for inside dirty water Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Peple dey catch Typhoid from dirty food and water.

World Health Organization (WHO) don approve one vaccine wey fit prevent typhoid fever.

E reach 220,000 people wey dey die every year from 22 million typhoid cases and sabi people say dis vaccine na "big thing".

Two typhoid vaccines don already dey ground to help reduce di number of cases, but di one for children wey never reach two years no dey.

Na WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts for Immunization (Sage) dey recommend di new typhoid vaccine.

Prof Alejandro Cravioto, wey be di chairman of Sage, say " for di first time, I feel say we don get vaccine wey dey effective."

Im say di vaccine dey important as di world don "reach limit" because current antibiotics no dey affect di typhoid bacterium again.

Di important thing be say e dey work for pikin dem, wey dey at risk to get infection anyhow, unlike other typhoid vaccines.

Dem dey hope say dis vaccine fit small small help countries to stop typhoid.

Na Salmonella dey cause Typhoid fever and patients dey get:

  • Serious fever
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • No dey fit chop
  • Constipation
  • For one-in-100 cases e dey cause serious complications

Di bacteria sabi spread well-well and na from dirty food or water e dey catch people.

Di infection dey common for countries wey get poor sanitation and no get clean water, especially for South Asia and Africa.

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