'Lose Yourself': New Zealand political party go pay Eminem $412,000

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Image example Di track Lose Yourself na one of Eminem biggest hits.

New Zealand high court don order di National Party to pay NZ$600,000 ($412,000) as settlement money to US rapper Eminem because dem go against di copyright law.

Di National Party use melody and rhythm wey dey similar to Eminem "Lose Yourself" music for dia 2014 election campaign advertisement.

Eminem music publisher - Eight Mile Style come carry di National Party wen still dey for power dat time, go court for September 2014 because dem use di version of e song without official licence.

Di party lawyers been argue for court say di track wey dem use no be actually Lose Yourself, but na song wey dem call Eminem-esque (wey dey like am), wey dey buy from one stock music library.

But di court rule on Wednesday say di track dey "similar enough" to Eminem "highly original work".

Di judgment consider di drum patterns, background chords and di tone of di violin tones for each of di version, and say all of dem get "close similarities".

Di court still talk say: "Di nature of di use no be wetin Eminem or Eight Mile Style go endorse."

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Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Lose Yourself track don win Oscar for best original song.

Eminem "Lose Yourself" song, wey appear for im 2002 film 8 Mile, na one of e biggest hits.

Di backing track wey dey use for di National Party advert, appear more than 100 times for TV during di 2014 campaign.

Songs wey sound di same to dis popular tracks - but dey different enough to dodge di copyright law - dey sometimes feature for free-to-use commercial music libraries.

Dis no be di first time Eminem dey carry people go court wey use im song. E don first sue Apple say dem sell im music for dia iTunes store without permission.

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