Dis woman see herself as di only passenger inside plane

Karon Grieve
Image example Karon Grieve bin dey travel go Greece to write book.

One woman wey pay normal flight money of £46 surprise well-well as she see say she be di passenger inside di plane.

Karon Grieve wey bin dey travel to go write book, talk say she never see this kain thing before.

Di plane wey dey always carry passengers wey reach 189, bin dey travel from Glasgow go Greece island.

Dem give Karon VIP treatment after di two other passengers wey don already book di flight no show.

Di airline, wey be Jet2, talk say na normal thing as people no too show because na dia last flight wey dey travel from Glasgow go Greece dis year.

She tell BBC say, "As I reach di check-in desk, I come dey follow di workers joke, dey ask dem how many people dey di flight?"

Di workers tell her make she guess. Karon first guess say maybe na 10 passengers but di check-in workers burst her head when dem tell her say na only three passengers dey di flight.

Karon say all of dem just dey gist for di flight, even di captain siddon with her before dem start di flight. "If di captain wan do announcement, she go even call my name."

Karon say she too enjoy di flight.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori