Japan police don catch 74-years-old 'ninja' thief

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Image example Di suspect dey dress as ninja

Last last, Japan police don catch one popular thief wey dey dress as ninja, but wetin surprise dem be say, dis man don reach 74 years.

After security camera see dis man wey dey always hide im face dis year, police begin investigate di mata and arrest di man for July.

As e be so, police believe say dis man fit be di, ''Ninja of Heisei'' wey fit don break and enter more than 250 domot thief people property .

Dem don charge am with case wey reach $260,000.

Police don look everywhere tire for dis person wey don dey thief-thief for eight years.

For dia mind, na young person dem suspect say dey do dis things.

Investigators begin use eye dey follow di suspect, person wey dem dey feel say resemble any common old man for street.

But dem say di man enter one empty building, change im clothe, and like person wey dey wait for garri to swell, di man wait like till night show before im begin im thief-thief operation.

''Di man wear all-black, just like ninja'', talk one senior government official for Osaka city.

Police say di thief get good stamina and im body be like person wey dey go gym.

Di man no dey waka for road operate, na for roof im dey use take off and touch down.

After dem arrest di man, im say, ''If na wen I be young man, dem for no catch me. I go retire from dis kind work now since I don old reach 74.''

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