'Oldest Tsunami victim' skull come from Papua New Guinea

Human skull Image copyright ARTHUR DURBAND
Image example Scientists think say dis skull na like 6,000 years old

One old human skull wey comot from Papua New Guinea fit belong to di oldest Tsunami victim for world, na wetin scientists dey talk.

Scientists bin think say di skull, wey dem bin find for 1929, belong to Homo Erectus wey be one of di grand papa of today human beings.

Dem talk say e fit be say tsunami bin land di area more than 6,000 years ago.

Na dis one make dem believe say di person wey get di bones bin die for dia, when di tsunami land.

Image copyright ETHAN COCHRANE
Image example Tori be say na around dis place dem find di skull

Dis one land after dem compare di soil with soil from tsunami wey hit di place for 1998.

Professor James Goff say: "we dey decide say dis person wey die for dia tay-tay fit don die for tsunami wey hit di area and fit be di oldest victim of tsunami wey we sabi for world."

But other scientists talk say e dey possible say di person fit don die im own, and e never tay wey dem bury am, before di tsunami hit di area.