Couple wey survive Las Vegas shooting don die for car accident

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Image example Di Las Vegas shooting happen for 1 October

One husband and wife wey survive di Las Vegas shooting for America don die for car accident.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver, wey survive one of di worst mass shooting for US, die after dia motor jam di iron gate wey dey for dia estate for California on 16 October.

Di Las Vega Review-Journal talk say e reach one hour before fire-workers fit quench di fire wey burn di motor from top to bottom.

Two weeks before dem die, Dennis jump in front of im wife, cover am like bullet proof from di bullets wey dey fall on dem like rain during di 1 October massacre.

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Image example Over 500 people injure for di Las Vegas shooting

Dia pickin Brooke Carver (20), talk say, ''After di shooting, all di people wey carry dem for mind call dem and dis make dem happy.''

''Dis last two weeks, na like say dem dey enjoy every day as e dey come, one by one''.

Na di couple youngest daughter, 16-year-old Madison, wey hear one loud noise for her window for di night of di accident.

Wen she run go outside, na her mama and papa motor she see dey burn, according to di Las Vegs Review-Journal.

Di couple don dey together for 22 years and dem take manage escape di Route 91 Harvest music festival wey slaughter 58 people.

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Image example 58 people die for di Las Vegas shooting

Dennis Carver jump on top Lorraine after im see say na gunshots dey make noise, and na hand in hand dem waka comot di shooting, dia daughter Brooke Carver talk.

''That na di kain love di two of dem get for each other,'' she add.

''Dia love dey pure''.

Dennis buy rose flower for Lorraine after di attack, and one month later even though di flowers don dry, dem never begin break and fall.

''We get luck say we get dis flowers wey go remind us of them.''

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