How pickin cry dey affect mama

Dis study don support di idea of biological maternal instinct. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis study don support di idea say how mama dey react when pickin cry dey inside body

One study wey researchers do about mothers from 11 different countries , show say di baby cry of pickin dey activate specific areas for di mama brain wey get to do with movement and speech.

Na di National Institute of Health do dis study and e show say all mothers dey likely to react di same wen dia pickin dey cry, e no matter di culture of di mama.

Mothers dey show affection wen dia pickin dey cry. Dey go pet, pick dem up, hold dem and talk to dem.

Papa wey born pickin suppose get holiday?

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Image example Di study show say regardless of culture, mothers dey react di same way to dia pickin cry.

Di researchers do plenty studies concerning di way women wey born pickin dey behave. Dey use wetin dem call functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of di brain.

Dey monitor 684 new mothers and dia five-month-old pickin dem for Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea and di United States.

Dey study di interaction for one hour inside dia homes.

Through di fMRI studies of other women, di study team also find out say pickin cry dey cause di same brain activity for women wey just newly born and those wey don already raise pickin before.

E dey also stimulate di area of di brain wey connect to movement and speaking.

Di authors of di study, wey appear for American Proceedings of di National Academy of Sciences journal, conclude say di way mama dey response to dia pickin cry na automatic and no be wetin dey go school to learn.

Di study follow other research wey show how man and woman brain dey respond differently to di cry of pickin.

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