Catalonia independence: Spain PM don sack Catalan parliament

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Image copyright AFP
Image example Mr Rajoy dey talk wetin dem wan do over Cataloni mata

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy don talk say im go remove di parliament for Catalonia and go do elections for di region.

Dis one na after Catalonia parliament vote today say dem wan comot for Spain.

Rajoy say im do am because im think say e dey important make everything go back to normal for di region.

Im go fire Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and di government dem.

Na di Spanish parliament give Mr Rajoy di permission to use di constitutional power, which mean say Catalan region no go fit dey rule demself again.

Di Prime Minister also talk say im go make sure say dem do "free, clean and legal" elections, and im say di mata dey "sad" because im no think say e go reach like this.

Di election go happen on 21 December dis year. Di Catalan police oga sef join for di people wey Mr Rajoy sack.

Plenty people comot enter street to dey jollificate after di Catalan parliament vote independence.

Dem say dis one mean say Spain no go dey control dem again.

But Spanish Constitutional Court fit declare say di viote na illegal.

European Union, United States, di United Kingdom, Germany and France say na Spanish unity dem support.

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