Trump former campaign manager don surrender to FBI over Russia matter

Mr Manafort for inside car, dey block face Image copyright Reuters
Image example Dem take dis photo of Mr Manafort for im Virgina house before im go FBI office

Before-before manager of Donald Trump presidential campaign, Paul Manafort get case to answer wey relate to investigation on top hand wey Russia chook inside US presidential election.

On Monday morning, dem see Mr Manafort as e dey enter FBI office for Washington with im lawyer.

Na special official Robert Mueller dey lead di investigation wey dey look into di matter of whether Trump campaign and Russia get connection.

Both sides say nothing nothing dey between dem.

Mr Mueller team don do plenty interview with many current and former White House officials dem on top di matter.

One of di people wey dey follow Mr Manafort do business, Rick Gates, don get order from authorities to surrender imsef.

12-count charge US nack on top Mr Manafort and Mr Gates:

Count 1 - Plan against di United States.

Count 2 - Plan to chop money.

Counts 3-6 - Dem close mouth on top foreign bank and financial accounts.

Counts 7-9 - Dem close mouth on top foreign bank accounts and finances. (Different different years).

Count 10 - Dem no register agent of dia foreign principal.

Count 11 - Dem no talk true and use cunny for FARA statements.

Count 12 - Dem no talk true for statements.

US intelligence agencies dem don already conclude say Russian government try to help Mr Trump win di election.

But President Trump don deny say im no join hand with Russian people, say di investigation na " bad belle".

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