You know why some countries change clock two times every year?

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Image example Some clock for computer go change time for you

On Sunday, 29 October, by 1am, clocks for some countries around di world go back by one hour.

Na di same thing dey happen every year for countries for Europe, Canada, US and some North and South African countries - clocks go move go front by one hour for di month of March and then e go go back again for October (for US na November).

When clock change like dis, dem dey call am Daylight Saving Time (DST) or for UK people, British Summer Time (BST).

Wetin be daylight saving?

Daylight saving na way for people to make use of sunlight during di day well well.

Di idea na to move clock go front by one hour so that more sunlight go dey for evening and less go day for daytime.

Di History

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Image example Benjamin Franklin na di first person to try to 'save' time

Di first person to get di idea for Daylight Saving na Benjamin Franklin for Paris for 1784 during time when im bi US Ambassador to France.

For World War I, di first country to follow Daylight Saving Time na Germany for 1916.

Dem do am because dem wan save money wey dem dey spend for coal because na wetin dem dey use for light during that time.

Years later, people still continue to dey adjust clock to save money on candle.

When be daylight saving day?

Every year, people for some countries go change dia clock two times.

For US, Daylight Saving dey happen for second Sunday for March and e go end for first week for November. But for UK na last Sunday for March and last Sunday for October.

Who dey follow daylight saving?

Many countries around di world follow Daylight Saving Time but di dates wey dem dey change dia clocks dey different from one country to another.

  • Most countries for Europe
  • Di United States except for Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Somoa
  • Some countries for North Africa
  • Some countries for southern South Africa

Wetin people dey do?

Di main thing people do na to change dia clock back for October/November, and then move am forward for March.

Di official time to change clock na 2:00 AM for morning but most people change am di night before or when dem wake up.

Clock wey dey use computer engine go change by imsef when di day reach.

Today, some people believe say no need to dey use Daylight Saving time again as di small money for electric light no reach to dey do all that wahala.