Na true say too much sugar dey give cancer?

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One cancer charity don hire one nurse wey dey digital to dey fight all di fake news wey dey online about di sickness.

Macmillan Cancer Support see say two of every five people wey get cancer dey go online to see informate wey dey for internet.

One out of eight people bin go online to check wetin dem get because dem no really understand wetin dia doctor talk.

Di nurse wey dem hire, Ellen McPake, talk say she wan correct di lie-lie wey dey happen on top dis matter.

Dis na some of di lie-lie wey dey spread on top cancer.

Sugar fit give person cancer

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Image example Some people get opinion say sugar dey cause cancer

Some patients dey think say na sugar dey cause cancer.

E dey possible say too much fat get link to cancer but no be di way person dey chop sugar na im go make or increase risk for person to get cancer.

People wey dey do medicine, Mayo Clinic talk say, "Sugar no dey make cancer to quick-quick grow. Even cancer cells dey use sugar for energy. But dat one no mean say as you dey chop sugar dey increase di growth."

People don try to comot sugar from dia food, but Ellen talk say "no way you go fit comot sugar from food pata-pata."

Vitamin C dey cure cancer

Ellen talk say, "I bin get one call where one couple carry all di money wey dem get to do treatment with Vitamin C wey person tell dem say dey cure cancer."

"After e no work, dey come dey regret say dem for use di money to do better thing."

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Image example Recently, younger people dey suffer from different types of cancer.

Only old people fit get cancer

People dey think say e dey more common to get cancer as person dey old dey go.

E fit correct for theory because as person dey old dey go na so cells dey damage and dis damage fit build to result for cancer.

But for practice, recently, number of young people wey dey carry cancer for bodi don go up.

Na new disease

"Di idea say cancer just start to dey affect people and na human being cause am, no be true".

According to Ellen, dem don find cancer for Egyptian dead bodi wey dem dey call mummies.

One of dem wey old reach 2,250 years bin get prostrate cancer, while one toe wey old reach 1.7 million years from South Africa bin get very strong bone cancer.

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Image example Cancer treatment get more likelihood say person go survive as death rate don drop ten percent over di past ten years

Cancer treatment dey kill pass as e dey cure

Di thing be say di treatment for cancer no easy at all whether na chemotherapy or radiotherapy or even surgery. And no be everytime e dey work.

But di rumour say na only 3% of chemotherapy dey get well na lie and e no good say that message dey outside.

But still, di best way na to do surgery na if di person find am early.

No progress dey for di fight against cancer

Dis one na lie. Pure and simple. Research don show say di level of people wey dey survive cancer now don double pass how e bin dey forty years ago.

Cancer na fungus - and na sodium bicarbonate be di cure

Dis theory dey come from di idea say cancer na fungus dey cause am as bodi dey try protect imself.

But di proof wey dey di mata dey show say na from cells cancer dey from start.

So no, sodium bicarbonate no dey cure am.

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