Storm Herwart: Germany say no waka for forest

Tree wey fsll for ground Image copyright Getty Images
Image example E pass four people wey don die for trees wey don fall sake of dis storm

Germany dey advise people not to waka inside forest; as dis weekend storm Herwart don blow trees like paper for ground, sotay trees wey dey fall don kill people for Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

Na at least five people die for dis countries, while plenty others injure well-well, because strong breeze dey blow all sorts of things enter road and house join.

Local media for Czech Republic say dis storm damage electricity line sotay hundreds of thousands of people don dey without power for now.

Tropical storm Herwart bring heavy rain and flood, wey stop transport for Germany; di matter serious reach wey authorities bin stop public transport for seven of di country 16 states dem.

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Image example Di storm mean say people no fit go house since Sunday

As Germany dey try remove trees wey fall, still repair train tracks dem wey spoil finish, Deutsche Bahn wey be di national railway company don draw ear give people say dem no go fit travel up and down like before, especially for di port city of Hamburg.

Since Sunday na im di damage leave thousands of people stranded for Hamburg, di capital, Berlin, Hanover, Kiel and Dortmund.

Tori be say na taxi dem use take enter main train station for Hanover to carry passengers reach where dem bin dey go for Berlin, according to local media Deutsche Welle.

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Image example Dem don start to dey try fix things wey di storm spoil even as state of emergency dey for Berlin

Wetin dey happen now?

Even though storm Herwart don begin reduce small-small, di recovery work still dey go on, and authorities say make people no dey waka near where trees full.

Another thing wey pain people well-well na say Herwert don destroy old, historic buildings wey dey bring tourists and suppose preserve di culture of di people.

Di most popular one na di Windmill Catharina for Scheswig Holstein - dem build am since 1786.

Also, people dey enter social media to mark demself say 'I dey safe,' because authorities still dey try know how many people dey affected, and how much e go cost to do repair all di things wey damage.

Tori be say as dis thing affect Berlin, wey be di capital, then government work fit dey slow one kain small. Na early Sunday Berlin fire brigade sef declare state of emergency, dem don receive at least 500 emergency calls and all dia volunteer firefighters dey on duty.

Meanwhile, Germany still dey put eye on top one big ship wey be "Glory Amsterdam." Di ship din dey carry oil, before storm Herwart carry am nack for di German island of Langeoog. Authorities dem wan make sure say oil never begin leak troway enter sea - something wey fit come with big environmental and economic palava for di country.

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