Climate change: Amount of CO2 for di air don break record for 2016

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Image example Report talk say 2016 na di hottest year on record

World join body for weather mata, World Meteorological Organization say di level of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) wey dey air now don increase well well for 2016.

Dis dia latest report show say dis na 50% increase and e high pass as e don dey for di last 10 years.

According to scientists, dis latest report show say di world never record dis kain level of CO2 for di last 800,000 years and human being and El Nino (El Nino na warm ocean temperature for di Equatorial Pacific wey dey affect global temperature around di world) get hand for inside di mata.

Dem also say di last time di world record dis kain level of CO2 na three to five million years ago. Dis report shock scientists dem say na something to worry about well well.

Some experts dey fear say as di word temperature just dey continue to dey hot dey go e fit cause plenty plenty change for weather pattern and dis one go cause big big wahala for di world environment and economy.

Environmental activist Nnimmo Bassey tell BBC News Pidgin say dis report no dey surprising.

''We don know since say di world no go fit continue to dey born dirty fuel and dis kain thing no go happen,'' Im talk.

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Image example Many countries around di world don experience different weather palava for 2017

Wetin di world dey do

For 2015 over 200 countries around di world agree say dem go reduce di way dem dey release carbon.

Dem agree to also start to work to stop to dey use all those dirty fuel and energy wey dey make di earth temperature to go up and dey hot.

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Image example Some environmentalists say di Paris deal wey countries sign no go fit save di environment

Experts say di world go need to step up that agreement, dia plan and action, if dem go fit meet up to save di environment and di world.

Dis report dey come even as di world dey prepare to meet again for di next United Nations Climate Change talk-talk for Bonn Germany to talk about among other things, how dem go go about to meet up wetin dem agree to do for Paris to stop climate change.

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