US don catch di man wey get hand for Benghazi attack

Dem attack US compound for Benghazi for 11 September 2012
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem attack US compound for Benghazi for 11 September 2012

President Donald Trump say US forces don capture di man wey get hand for di 2012 attack for American compound for Libya City of Benghazi.

Dem catch Mustafa al-Imam for Libya, dat na according to di president statement.

Mr al-Iman go face charges wey include murder. Di US ambassador and three other Americans bin die for di attack.

For last year election campaign, Republicans use di attack well well against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

She be secretary of state wen di attack happen for September 2012.

One Republican house join body investigation wey dem publish for 2016 say Mrs Clinton no do anything wrong. But dem blame di Obama government say security no too tight and say dia response slow when di attack happen for di US compound.

Di attack affect her presidential campaign and President Trump when im dey campaign, say she suppose go jail.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem blame Ansar al-Sharia for di attack for US diplomatic mission for Benghazi for 2012

"Yesterday, I order United States forces to catch Mustafa al-Imam for Libya," na wetin Mr Trump talk.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions say Mr al-Imam go face justice for federal court for wetin im do for di attack. Another suspect, Ahmed Abu Khattala dey trial for America.

Dem don put plenty charge on top Mr al-Imam head, dem charge with murder, say im provide material to support terrorists and use weapon for violent crime, na wetin lawyers talk.

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and one state department technician die from smoke wen men wey carry weapon put fire for di building.

Di attackers come fire bomb di CIA Building wey kill two former Navy Seals.

Di lawyers wey dey defend Mr Abu Khattala don accuse America say dem delay am so dat e no go get chance to meet with im lawyers. America don deny di allegations